Friday, January 24, 2020

EDH Rules

All standard EDH & Standard Magic rules apply, except where superseded below.

  1. Generals
    1. Every player shall choose a General, this General will be theirs for the entirety of the league.
    2. No 2 players shall have the same General. Generals are chosen on a first come, first serve basis. Notice will be given as to when we will start taking requests for Generals. This rule has now been lifted.  Any player may use the same General as another. (see rule 4 below)
    3. Once you pick a General, you are stuck with that General until the end of the league/tournament. Players that have played in previous leagues/tournaments will have first pick as to whether to use their previous General.
    4. Generals are immune to the "Legend Rule". (This applies to Generals ONLY. Copies/clones/Non-General cards of the same name will still go to the graveyard)

  2. Deck Construction
    1. Sideboards are not permitted. Players will be able to swap out cards before ANY match is announced for that day. After the match announcements begin, no player is allowed to change their deck until all of their matches have been played for that day.
    2. A Wishboard of 10 cards is permitted ONLY if the player has cards in his/her deck that references bringing a card/s in from outside the game. (Ring of Maruf, Wishes, etc...)
    3. Between meets a player may change his deck in any way that still follows standard EDH deck construction standards, and the rules shown here with the exception of the General. A player CANNOT change his/her General.
    4. Deck changes cannot occur between games or matches.
    5. Proxy cards are not allowed. All cards must be legal for play. (No proxies, or fake cards)
    6. Foreign (Non-English)/Textless cards are allowed ONLY if you have with you a good copy of the English version of the card on hand, or the actual English card present. If there is any question as to what a card says, and an English copy is not on hand, no time will be spent looking it up via other sources, and the play will be deemed illegal.  (This is only to save time having debates over how a card reads)

  3. Gameplay
    1. Match-ups will be determined randomly based on the type of play, and who is available.
    2. Once a match starts, there can be no interference from anyone outside the game. (This includes 'co-piloting')
    3. Each player will roll a d20 (or some other agreeable random way) to determine who goes first.
    4. The winner of the above determines whether they want to play or draw first.  (If they choose to draw, then the person to the left of them is given the option to draw or play.  This continues until someone chooses to play, else play defaults to the last person with that choice)
    5. Each player shall shuffle their deck, and then cut the deck of the person to his/her left.
    6. Mulligans:  New Standard Rules will apply. If you do not like your hand, you may re-shuffle your deck and draw one less card each time you mulligan.
    7. Play commences as normal until a winner is declared.
    8. In subsequent games in the match, the player that lost first in the previous game will have the choice as to either play or draw.

  4. Tournament Scoring
    1. Everyone in the tournament will play 1 Match against a designated opponent.
    2. A Match shall consist of 'Best 2 out of 3' games format.
    3. One point is awarded for each Match won. (1/2 point for match draw)

  5. League Scoring
    1. League scoring will vary from one incarnation to the next.
    2. League matches will be played weekly, and will involve all players playing in one or several multi-player games.
    3. Points will be awarded based on the position you're in when you leave the game.  For example, the first person out will receive 1 point, the second will receive 2 points, the third 3 points, and so on.
    4. Extra points will be awarded based on meeting certain criteria as determined in the appropriate league documentation.