Wednesday, March 20, 2019

March 24th Tribal Pauper EDH Tournament

We will be running a Tribal Pauper EDH format Tournament on Saturday, March 24th 2012.

Deck Construction: This will follow our Pauper EDH Rules as follows (with Tribal exceptions blow):  Generals can be ANY Uncommon creature (It does NOT have to be Legendary), the only 3 requirements are that it is a creature, must be Uncommon in at least one set, and cannot be a wall (defender is OK).  The rest of the deck must be all Commons.  (1-uncommon General, 99-common cards).

Tribal rules: Choose a single creature type (This type cannot be Changeling or Shapeshifter).  Your deck must contain at least 40 cards of that creature type (including your general), and your General MUST be that creature type.  Changelings & Shapeshifters can be in your deck as part of the Tribal cards.  If your General is more than one creature type, you must choose ONE of those types to be your creature type.  (If you choose a 'Goblin Warrior' as your general you must choose between 'Goblin' and 'Warrior', Likewise if you have a Shapeshifter General, you must choose a legal creature type.)  Your deck may not contain any other creature types other than the chosen type (or any tribal cards that are not of that type, ie: 'Peppersmoke' can only be included in Faerie decks).

Entry fee:  $1.00 or 4 Rare cards   -   That's right!  A BUCK, or any 4 rare cards!

Prizes:  I've got a stack of Rares ready, 4 Rares in the prize pool for each person entered in the tournament. to be distributed randomly as follows:  First Place - 40%, Second Place - 30%, Third Place - 20%, Fourth Place - 10% (Rounded appropriately)

As per usual, this will be 5 rounds of Swiss, and ties for top four can be either split, or decided by playing 1 game.

This format ought to make for some interesting decks!!!

Tournament to be held at Boccone Pizza 85 Clinton Rd (12B).

Sign in/Registration starts at Noon, play begins at 1PM promptly.  Any questions, please ask!