Wednesday, March 20, 2019

January 28th Pauper EDH Tournament

We will be Trial Running our Pauper EDH format on Saturday, January 28th 2012.

Deck Construction:  This will follow our Pauper EDH Rules as follows:  Generals can be ANY Uncommon creature (It does NOT have to be Legendary), the only 3 requirements are that it is a creature, must be Uncommon in at least one set, and cannot be a wall (defender is OK).  The rest of the deck must be all Commons.  (1-uncommon General, 99-common cards).

Entry fee:  $0.50 or 2 Rare cards   -   That's right!  50 cents, or any 2 rare cards!

Prizes:  I've got a stack of Rares ready, 2 Rares in the prize pool for each person entered in the tournament. to be distributed randomly as follows:  First Place - 40%, Second Place - 30%, Third Place - 20%, Fourth Place - 10% (Rounded appropriately)

As per usual, this will be 5 rounds of Swiss, and ties for top four can be either split, or decided by playing 1 game.

This format ought to make for some interesting decks!!!

Tournament to be held at Boccone Pizza 85 Clinton Rd (12B).  Sign in/Registration starts at Noon, play begins at 1PM promptly.  Any questions, please ask!