Sunday, February 07, 2016

EDH Staples


Hey Everyone Sorry for the long Hiatus. I have been doing some personal stuff , but I am back and ready to give you more EDH Rants. Today I have decided to talk about EDH Staples.


You have most likely noticed in your play group you have a few cards that make everyone sigh, complain, grunt, etc. The reason they do this is 9 out of 10 times is because the card is very good. I for one have learned to hate the card No Mercy {Insert Link to card}. No mercy just seems to be in nearly every Black deck in my play group and area. That’s because No mercy is Staple. Whats a Staple? Im glad you’ve asked.


A Staple is a Card in Magic that goes well in many if not all decks in the format. It is common to have a play set(4 of that card) in that format. A good example is Wasteland in Legacy. Wasteland can work in a nearly every deck in that format. And of course there are a few in their own colors like Turmagoyf and Vendillion Clique. However we are EDH folk we don’t need 4 of one card. So what are the EDH Staples? Well Lets go through 5 per color to give an example. And please just a reminder this is not a written in stone thing I am just listing them off from my experience.




1. Land Tax- Ok. If you have seen this card before. It’s the best at what it does(Well atleast for white). Ramp In white I say Yes!

2. Path to Exile, Swords to Plow Shares and Condemn- Single target Removal. An edh Condemn is arguable the best General removal in the Format.

3. Wrath of God, Day of Judgment, and Austere Command- Wrath effects are a must in this format especially if you’re playing multiplayer.

4. Adomintion Angel- Once again I stress this is not written in stone. Everyone in my area Covet this card and it is an Amazing card that should be used if Color allows it.

5. Oblivion Ring- This gives you an answer to nearly all Permanents, if it not in your deck put it in.


Honorable Mentions- Rout, Nevermore, Hallowed Burial, Linvala, Crib Swap, Sun Titan


1. Capsize- Can you say Bounce, after you get the mana for it. This becomes one of the scariest cards out there.

2. Counterspell and Cryptic Command- Blues Removal, Many hate Countering spells but if you want to have a way to stop that Terrastadon destroying your lands you should use it.

3. Void Mage Husher- This little minx is recurable and it’s a way to stop your opponents Generals abilities every turn.

4. Phyrexian Metamorph and Clone- Being able to do Whatever your opponent does always helps.

5. Declaration Of Naught – Shutting down your Opponents General always help.


Honorable Mentions- Evacuation, Fact or Fiction, Mystical Tutor


1. The Tutors- Demonic, Vampiric, Diabolic, among a few more. My favorite reason to play Black go search for what you need.

2. Phyrexian Arena- Awesome card in a format that gives you 40 life. Having the extra draw allows you to have a full hand all the time.

3. No mercy- “sigh” Ok Like I said not a fan of this card. But I understand the use. “I have my general that going to to deal 8 damage”! Then it dies, then you can’t casthim again cuz he costs to much, then you lose….

4. Reanimate, Phrexian Delver, and Animate dead. Bring stuff back from your graveyard, which can be terrifying if its huge creature or a nasty ability. Scary business. No pun intended

5. Liliana Vess- One of the only two Planeswalker on this list, Lilly is everything a black EDH deck needs. Discard, Tutor, and reanimate, Lilly may not be the best in other formats but she certainly found a home here


Honorable Mentions- Nezumi Graverobber, Grave pact, Black Sun Zenith, Damntion



Let me Just mention reds kind of pain to do.

1. Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker - Can do stupid, stupid things, the king of Combo. I would love to have two titans. Oh , I would love to go infinite.

2. Akroma, Angel of Fury - I would say the best red beater in the format. Protection, fire breathing, morph. It has all the right pieces.

3. Reiterate - Copy a spell w/ buyback. YES PLEASE! Copy all the ramp and draw spells you would like.

4. Anger- I love this little bastard. He may seem boring, But he won’t when an Eldrazi is swinging at you.

5. Shattering Spree and Shatterstorm- With all the artifacts in this format, it makes sense to destroy them all


Honorable mentions- Flametongue Kavu, Bogardan Helkite, Greater gargadon, Wild Ricochet


1. Primeval Titan- All I need to say, if you play green you play him.

2. Eternal Witness/ Regrowth- Green blesses us with bring a card that already has helped us back to our hand.

3. Tooth and Nail- Since green has a lack of spells in this format to destroy to answer your opponents creatures. You might as well level the playing field.

4. Cultivate, Kodama’s Reach, Harrow, Explosive vegetation- Ramp is it awesome? Yes it is! Green has High costing things you might as well use them.

5. Krosan Grip- Split second is very underrated. While Krosan Grip is not gives us answers to annoying enchantments and artifacts

Honorable Mentions- Life from the loam, Sakura Tribe Elder, Genesis, Greater Good



1. Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker- The most played Planeswalker in the format. If you can play Grixis. He should be in the deck. He does way too much to assist you to not play him.

2. Angel of Despair- She destroys anything! Enough Said.

3. Mirari’s Wake- Very Very good, extra mana and bigger creatures.

4. Tygon Predator- The flying Naturlize. It keeps your opponents at bay.

5. The Planes Shift Dragons- Intet, Numot, Oros,Vorosh, and Teneb. Odd colors great effects even if they are not your general they do great on their own.






Allright this time I am not going to list them. Artifacts work is almost all decks due to the Colorless Aspect. BUT I will Drop down the few that see nearly all decks.

Sensei Divining Top Sol Ring Solemn Simulacrum Mind’s eye Lightning Greaves

Journeyer’s Kite Nevinyrral’s Disk Coalition relic Wayfarer’s Bauble

Sword of Light and Shadow/Fire and Ice/Body and Mind/Feast and Famine/War and Peace


Well that’s my Rant for the week when people see these cards they Get pissy. I will admit I play a great portion of these, but we all do. So Next week I will discuss the new generals from Innistrad and Dark Ascensions and a few nice combos with them.